Terms and conditions of use

These Conditions of Sale specify the terms and conditions which will be applied to the purchase of products from Website www.gabrielepeluso.it. Please read these Conditions of Sale carefully before placing an order. When you place an order through the website, by confirming that you have read and accepted the Conditions of Sale, you are agreeing to unconditionally accept the terms and conditions set out below.
You can request any information through our help services by contacting Customer Services. If you require further information visit the Customer Services section of the website, where you will find information about orders, shipping, refunds and returning products purchased through www.gabrielepeluso.it. Please note that you can always contact us by email at info@gabrielepeluso.it.For any other legal information, visit the Privacy Policy and Returns sections.

Order and Acceptance

To place an order you must be at least 18 years of age. Select the products you wish to purchase on the website, specify the color and size, add the products to your “Shopping Cart” by clicking “Add to Cart”, then choose the delivery or collection method. You can add one product or several products to the “Shopping Cart”, and it may be amended at any time before “Order Confirmation”. Products may be added to the cart from both the catalogue and from the product detail page.

Order Confirmations

The Order Confirmation can take place after the “General Conditions of Sale” have been accepted, and the information has been entered necessary for the processing and shipment of the goods listed in the “Order Confirmation”, being the list of products contained in the cart inclusive of shipping costs.
Each order placed constitutes an offer to purchase our products. Orders are subject to availability and acceptance by us and we may refuse to accept your order at any time and at our sole discretion, including but not limited to cases where:
- Orders cannot be completed because of an error in the information that you have provided, for example insufficient or incorrect payment information, incorrect billing information, misleading information, or insufficient or incorrect shipping address. With regards the latter, please note that we do not send products to P.O. boxes
- There is an error on our website relating to the products that you ordered, for example an error concerning the price or description of the products as displayed on our website
- The products you ordered are no longer available on our website
- The amount of the proposed transaction is excessively high, based on our case-by-case evaluation, and subject to our discretion
- We believe you are under the age of 18
If we are not able to accept your order, we will contact you at the email address or telephone number that you provided to us at the earliest opportunity, or in any event no later than ten (10) days from the date of your order.
Once you have submitted your order through the website we will send you an Order Processing Receipt in the form of an email from us confirming that we have received your order and it is being processed. If you do not receive an Order Processing Receipt within 48 hours of placing your order, contact us by telephone on +39 081 403908 or by email at info@gabrielepeluso.it before placing another order for the same products.
Please be aware that the Order Processing Receipt does not constitute acceptance of your order. Your order will be accepted by us and the relative amount charged to your credit card only after we ship the products you ordered and the Order Confirmation has been sent. You hereby acknowledge and agree that we reserve the right to accept your order in whole or in part; therefore, in the event of partial acceptance, you will be charged an amount and the products will be shipped as stated in the Order Confirmation. After you have placed an order through the website you will be sent an Order Processing Receipt. Following this, when the total or partial products have been shipped, you will receive an Order Confirmation to confirm that your order has been shipped. This will also include an electronic invoice relating to your order.
If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding your order, or if you think that your order was rejected by us in error, please contact us using the contact information provided in the CONTACT US section.

Product detail page:

Each product is represented by a photograph and an accompanying “product detail page” that contains:
- Description, Colours and sizes available, i.e. potentially available for purchase, Price and Photographs
Description: This is a brief description of some of the product's characteristics. The description may include references that are not real or which, in any case, do not relate directly to the product. The composition, i.e. the percentages that refer to the fabrics and materials, are those stated on the labels of the products for sale.
Colors and sizes: The colors available and sizes are stated merely for descriptive purposes. The color that indicates the availability of a product is not intended to be a true match due to technical reasons, such as the resolution of the Customer's screen, and the difficulty in reproducing the materials a product is made from, and so on.
Price: The price shown on the product detail page and in the “catalogue” is the selling price to the public without VAT, excluding shipping costs and customs duties and charges relating to the country of origin of the Customer and/or of the destination of the goods. Roger srl reserves the right to change the prices at any time and without prior notice. The prices shown will be charged to the Customer when the “Order Confirmation” is sent.
Photographs: Roger srl has made every effort to reproduce images of the products shown on its website in such a way that the items and their characteristics are described and presented as accurately as possible. However, since the appearance of colors and characteristics may vary from monitor to monitor, Roger srl cannot guarantee that the images displayed are identical to the actual items.
Accordingly, Roger srl  is not responsible for any inadequacies in the graphic representation of the products shown on the e-commerce website. Photographs are to be considered merely examples.

Product Availability:

While we make every effort to ensure that prices and other information about products on this website are correct and up-to-date, the inclusion of a product on our website does not imply, ensure or guarantee that the product will be available to purchase by placing an order.

Methods of payment:

Before the Customer’s order is accepted, the Customer must choose one of the following methods of payment available on the e-commerce website: a) Credit card, b) PayPal, c) Bank transfer:
a) Credit card: if the credit card option is selected, the financial information (for example number of the credit/debit card or the expiry date) will be sent in encrypted form to PayPal or other banks that provide remote electronic payment services. Furthermore, such information will never be used by the Seller except to complete the procedures relating to the Customer's purchase, to issue refunds if any products are returned as a result of the Customer exercising his or her right to cancel, or where it becomes necessary to prevent or report to police the committing of e-commerce fraud.
b) PayPal: if the PayPal option is selected, the Customer must follow the procedures on the PayPal website.
c) Bank transfer: if the bank transfer option is selected, the Customer must make a transfer using the bank account details stated on the e-commerce website. Proof of payment is provided by the successful crediting of the transfer amount to the Seller's bank current account. The Seller reserves the right to accept proof of payment in the form of the bank transfer slip received by email at info@gabrielepeluso.it

Acceptance of order

The Seller reserves the right to refuse the order if the Customer does not comply with the purchasing procedure, has not accepted the General Conditions of Sale or does not provide all the data needed for shipping and billing, or if payment has not been successful because, in the case of the Credit Card method, the bank did not authorize the charge to the Customer's credit card; in the case of a bank transfer, the amount was not credited to the Seller's bank current account within three (3) working days of the Order Confirmation being sent; in the case of PayPal payment, the amount was not credited correctly to the Seller's account. The total amount includes the sum of the selling prices and the shipping costs, depending on the method of delivery selected by the Customer and/or available on the e-commerce website. The Seller may refuse an order if there is any dispute between Roger srl  and the Customer, or for any other legitimate reason.

Acceptance of order

The Customer accepts his or her order by electronically sending the Order Confirmation to the Seller. The Order Confirmation is proof that the Customer has accepted the order, including these General Conditions of Sale.
The Order Confirmation will be retained in our database for the period of time necessary to complete the order and, in any case, for the time required by law.
The language available to conclude the contract with the Seller is Italian.
Order processing and availability of products.
Once the contract has been concluded, Roger srl will process your Purchase Order.
Availability of products: If the products presented on the e-commerce website are no longer available or for sale when the Customer last accesses the e-commerce website or upon submitting the Order Confirmation, it is the Seller’s responsibility to inform the Customer promptly, and in any case within (30) days of the day following sending of the Customer's order to the Seller, about the non-availability of any products ordered. If the order has been confirmed and the price paid, the Seller will reimburse the amount already advanced by the Customer.
By submitting the Order Confirmation the Customer agrees that he or she understands and accepts the General Conditions of Sale and the additional information contained in www.gabrielepeluso.it.
When the contract has been concluded, the Seller will send a Purchase Order Receipt to the Customer by email, containing a summary of the information already included in the Order Confirmation (General Conditions of Sale, Notice of the Right to Cancel, information about the key characteristics of the product and a detailed statement of the price, payment method and delivery costs).

Product warranties

All products carry an identification tag. The Customer must not remove these tags from the products purchased as they are an integral part of the products.
If the Customer exercises his or her right to cancel, the Seller has the right to refuse the return of any products not carrying the corresponding tags, or products whose essential and qualitative characteristics have been altered, or which have been damaged.

Shipping and delivery

For orders placed through the website delivery is available through international shipments.
We will not deliver any products unless and until payment has been authorized and charged. When the products have been consigned to our courier, we will send you the Order Confirmation.
Delivery will be made by courier during normal business hours. Please be advised that delivery charges may apply to your order and that our courier cannot deliver orders without receipt of a signature.
We will strive to make every reasonable effort to deliver the products within the delivery period specified in the Order


However, any delivery date or timescale specified by us is purely indicative, and therefore we will not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by you due to any unavoidable delay in delivery. You can track the status of your shipment by entering the tracking number directly into our courier’s website.
The products that we deliver to you become your property from the time we ship them EX Works. As soon as we have delivered the products, you take sole responsibility for them and for any loss or damage to them thereafter.
Upon delivery of the products, and before signing any document attesting delivery, you must carefully check the integrity of the shipment and, in the event that it is damaged or altered, you must state on the delivery document that you reserve the right to check the contents of the shipment. Failure to state that you reserve the right to check the contents of the shipment may cause damage against us, damage for which you may be held responsible.

Online returns and refunds

You may return any products purchased through the website, or exchange for a different color or size within ten (10) days of receiving the product. Each product can be retu
rned or exchanged only once. Please not that we only accept exchanges to change the color or size of the product already purchased. If you would like to purchase a different product, please place a new order.
To cancel the contract, send an email to info@gabrielepeluso.it stating your intention, and follow the following rules and General Conditions of Sale.
The only costs that the customer has to bear are those of returning the products purchased.
Should you decide to return the products purchased using the courier used by the Seller, you do not have to pay the costs owed in person. Payment of the costs to return the products purchased will be made directly by the Seller on your behalf, therefore releasing you from any obligation to pay the courier. When paying the refund, the Seller will withhold from the refund a flat rate equal to the initial shipping costs (if you have used free delivery, the return will be at zero cost).
Furthermore, when the products purchased are handed to the courier indicated by the Seller, the Seller will release you from any liability for loss or damage to products during transit.

The Right to Cancel is understood to be correctly exercised if, as well as compliance with the terms and procedures outlined in the above points, the following conditions are also fully met:
1. a. Products have not been used, worn, washed or damaged;
2. b. Products must have all original identification tags, labels, and warranty seals still in place
3. c. Products must be returned in their original packaging
4. d. Products returned must be sent to the Seller in a single shipment
5. e. Products must be handed to the courier within ten (10) working days of the date you received the products If the Right to Cancel is exercised following the terms and procedures stated in this section, the Seller will refund any amounts paid to purchase the products.
Refunds will be issued to the Customer in the shortest time possible and, in any event, within thirty (30) days of the date in which the Seller was made aware that the right to cancel would be exercised by the Customer. As indicated in the paragraph relating to the General Conditions of Sale, the Seller will start the refund procedure once verification has been made that the abovementioned terms and conditions have been correctly executed.
If the terms and procedures for exercising the right to cancel as specified in this paragraph are not complied with, the Customer will not be entitled to the refund of the sums already paid to the Seller or the issuing of the credit requested.
Nevertheless, the Customer may, at his or her own expense, request the return of the products in the condition in which they were returned to the Seller. Otherwise, the Seller is entitled to keep the products in addition to the sums already paid for their purchase.

Sending the returns email and method of shipping

In order to simplify the returns procedure, the Customer is asked to send an email to info@gabrielepeluso.it stating the Order number, the surname of the person whose name is on the order, the product code and the size (you will find these details on the Order Confirmation), registered email address and courier chosen for the return.
The Customer may also use a courier other than the courier suggested by the Seller to complete the return. In this case the shipping costs will be fully borne by the Customer.
Once the Seller has received the email the courier will be instructed to collect the shipment at the shipping address indicated in the Order Confirmation, unless otherwise stated in the returns email. In order to speed up the returns process, the Customer may arrange the collection of the goods with the courier. The Seller is not responsible for the failure to collect the goods by the courier, although it will perform all the necessary actions for this to be carried out in as short a time as possible. The Customer is required to include the original accompanying invoice in the returns package, or any documentation sent by the Seller.

Timescale and method of refund

After the return of the products the Seller will perform the necessary checks regarding compliance of the products to the terms and conditions set out in the ”Returns and Refunds” section. If the checks are successful, the Seller will send you an email to confirm that the returned products have been accepted.
The refund is issued by the Seller to whichever method of payment you used in the shortest time possible and in any case within thirty (30) days of the date the Seller was made aware of the Customer exercising his or her right to cancel, subject to verification of the correct execution of your right to cancel and acceptance of the products returned.
The amount that will be refunded to you will correspond to the sum of the goods returned minus the cost of the return, if you used our courier.
In the event that the right to cancel is exercised where the recipient of the goods specified in the Order Form and the person who paid for them are not the same person, the refund of the sum will be issued by the Seller, in any case, to the person who made the payment.

Customer Services

We offer help to our Customers for any request connected to the use of the website, placing an order, tracking product shipments, product availability, website login/registration procedures and any other information that may be required in connection to the use of the website and/or in regard to products. Our Customer Services are available in English and Italian, from Monday to Friday from 10am to 1pm and from 5pm to 7pm (CET), with the exception of public holidays.
For information please visit the “Customer Services” section of our website and if you require further clarification you can contact us at the email address or telephone number below:
Email: info@gabrielepeluso.it
Telephone number +39 081 8037736